Mid Life Crisis !

…I met this guy, 

On an online game !

He was going through some trauma,

And I wanted to help him through his pain !

As time went by,

I was being taken for granted, 

So I backed off then, 

Not wanting to feel unwanted!

I introduced him to people,

For his business to grow,

And all I got was attitude gallore!

Of all the things he said to me,

The funniest was about my mid life crisis ! Really? 

I’d never get him, he vehemently said !

I was stunned ! Who wants you, dickhead! 

The assumptions, the blame, those funny tantrums & emotions untamed!

Hello ? Have you gone completely insane? 

Crazy was a name I had given to you in fun, 

How was I to know it was indeed a great description !

It’s time for you to back off now, enough of your bullshit, 

Bow wow !! 
Nisha Mehta(Tarot Reader / Author)

30th June, 2016 11:49 pm


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