…Oh, Insecurity! **Dedicated to all the copy cats of this world who are against plagiarism**

…I’m in a hurry

To reach my goals,

What if another person

Proves me a fool ! Said the copycat

I have to show how smart I am,

So I’m in a hurry 

Before time runs out,

 And reveals my scam! Said the copycat
Review ! Facebook
Ah ! the glory,

Of catching another person’s story,

To prove to the world,

It belongs to you, originally!

That status you saw,

& robbed an idea,

That note you read,

And copied a thread! 

And then you call yourself original?

Give me a break, you’re just a lousy, insecure individual !

You want original, think for yourself, 

Don’t get inspired by what others do,

And imitate them,

Because what works for others will not work for you!

Nisha Mehta (Tarot Reader/Medium/Author) 


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