…Not a professional !

…I’m not a professional writer, 

But I’ll tell you a thing or two,

It comes from my heart,

The words I share with you!

If my writing, to you,

Does not make too much sense,

Are you reading to understand me,

Or you want to understand yourself ?

I’m writing on complicated subjects,

So I write as simply as I can,

Adding all those eloquent words, 

Would take away your attention span!

I can be complicated,

Write all poetry and prose,

To take your mind off the topic,

And eventually, confuse! confuse! 

I’m not a professional writer,

I want to break all set norms,

To write for those who value knowledge,

And are more than flimsy bookworms! 

Nisha Mehta (Tarot Reader / More of a Medium then Author) ❤️❤️


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