…That obstacle !

…That obstacle you created for me,

It was pathetic,

I nearly crumbled under it’s weight,

But a strength within me said *Ge up! Retaliate!*

That horrifying feeling of being betrayed,

Trusting you is the mistake,

I paid for dearly,

And lost myself, nearly!

That day, I decided,

To let you believe,

That I cannot live without your help,

But secretly, I depend on myself, completely!

That obstacle, you created for me,

I thought, you did not do it deliberately,

So I approached you again,

And you behaved the same way like you did previously !

Wow! I said to myself,

I’d be a sucker to let you go on,

To allow you to believe you are the best,

While you are a cactus, full of thorn!

I pray that people like you,

Should never be trusted,

And you get karma after your case,

And teach you more than a thing or two!

Nisha Mehta (Tarot Reader / Medium / Author




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