…All These Years !!

…All these years,

I watched you silently,

I let you bloom,

Out of your insecurity!

All this while,

I let you believe you were fooling me,

I wept within,

Seeing you play with others’ feelings!

From then to now, 

I tolerated what you were doing,

I knew your were wrong,

I wanted to see how far you would be going!

And then,

I saw you progress and flourish,

I wanted your happiness,

But not at the cost of others’ distress!

All these years,

I watched you draw power from me,

In the hope that someday,

You would learn to be genuine !

I then saw,

No end to your greed,

You started believing,

You were doing the right thing, indeed!

All this while, all these years,

I wondered every now and then,

Have I created this monster,

I should have let her be in hell! 

And then,

I learned a lesson again,

That being good from outside,

Could also mean harbouring an evil within !


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