…I’m superstitious !

…I am superstitious,

Not because a cat crossed my way,

But because I saw a hair,

In my food, I stopped eating right away!

I heard something thrice,

Three different people said it to me,

Oh! That’s an omen,

I’m going to believe!

I heard a voice, 

“Don’t do this” It was guiding me,

I neglected the advice,

And unfortunate events unleashed!

The signs, not difficult to read,

They are a warning, pay heed,

Sometimes, they are just precognitions

of how to proceed!

The mind plays tricks

I refuse to believe,

These signs are not an illusion, 

Never are they meant to deceive!

Call me superstitious, a little old fashioned,

If you are not tuned with your higher self,

Nature and You

Can never have a sane conversation ! 

I saw a group of birds,

Sitting, chirping or flying,

I count how many they are,

To unfold the message of the divine !

At every moment, af every given time,

The Highest Power validates It’s presence,

In events and situations,

Decoding them is better than feigning ignorance! 

Nisha Mehta (Tarot Reader / Medium / Oracle)



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