…The Death ! 2016

…I calculated my date of birth

As I would do in the beginning of every year,

To know what my number says,

About the incidents, in the near & distance future! 

*Death* said the combination,

And I re-checked it, again and again

What’s coming my way, 

What do I have to change? 

Will it be a material loss,

Will I lose some person again, 

What will leave me,

Will I go through uneasiness and pain?

I was confused, 

At first I did not know what to do,

But then I lay more cards,

I had to move !

I set on a mission

To make something happen,

That “The death” will be what I choose,

It will be my decision !

So I changed a lot

Beginning with myself,

I went out of my way,

And did things that I would usually not!

I made up my mind,

I had to make this change,

For *The Death* is not *The End*,

It’s just the other side of the game !

Then, as the time went by,

* The death* taught me that my loss

Can be the biggest gain,

Let it go ! Don’t hold on to the vain !

I lost money,

Some deliberately, 

I lost some friends,

*Friends*? I’m smiling !

*The Death* taught me

Not to hold on to anything, 

Not even some feeling,

And then it set me free! 

 Nisha Mehta (Tarot Reader / Medium / Author) ❤️❤️

My next book will also inclûde predictions based on numbers and date of birth ! For the year 2017 ! 


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