…A friend I hate but…

…There were times,

After I’d met you,

I thought to myself, “That’s it, 

I want nothing to do with this dude” !

Your theories, your knowledge,

Was too much for me,

I just could not understand,

Your calculations and psychology !

We both are spiritual,

Your practice so different from me,

You followed a method,

I just wanted to be carefree !

Then one day you said,

You want to blog about me,

I screamed in my mind, 

No! No ! This cannot be!

I hated you, 

You always put a bracket on me,

In your mind, 

There was no further scope beyond what you see!

I then made my move

To keep away from you, 

Where earlier we talked so much,

I was glad our interactions were few! 

Remember those days,

We went out to eat,

You had the capacity to digest,

Even my meal? 😂

Then again, one day,

I felt a calling,

It was to speak with you,

So I started dialling!

We spoke cordially,

As we would always do,

Then again we fought,

Haaaa! I said to me *Nothing new* !

I hung up,

Never wanting to speak again,

Oh, but destiny,

It won’t allow me to stay away from pain ! 

I hated you again, 

I just could not help myself,

I was made to connect with you,

Even when I had promised myself “you don’t exist”! 

As time went by, 

You proved more than sincere to me,

And I understood the play of karma,

That sometimes, you canno cheat destiny !

You said you are perfect with past,

And future comes to me naturally,

I understand what made me so mad at you,

You are just the opposite of me!

Like yin and yang,

Two sides of a coin, 

Meant to be together,

But can never meet!

I don’t hate you now,

Never hated you then too,

But your rigid view of occult, 

Made me want to change your life review! 

The chaotic hell I brought to you,

And crazy experiences we shared too,

Makes me a better person,

More powerful than any spiritual fool ! 

You’ve been my backbone,

On many occasions,

You stood by me,

Your value to me exceeds any relation !

I love you lots and more for standing by me through all my weirdness and gave me a hope that I could achieve anything !

My love is pure,  I don’t want your wife coming to throttle me for saying that I love you ! 😂😂

Read about Adim’s experiences with me, his analysis of me, using his astrological and planetary calculations in my upcoming book !!

Nisha Mehta (Tarot Reader / Medium / Author) ❤️❤️

Includes more about spirits and souls, automatic writing, entities, colors and law of attraction, chakra and numerology, tarot and oracle predictions for 2017 ! 


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