***Not Yet***

…***Not Yet***

Where have I heard this?

Some film, a climax,

I can bet!

So these words

Played in my head,

Like a loop,

Till I gave up my impulsiveness!

A film I saw,

I was impressed,

The struggle and strife,

Of being a simple mess!

***Real Steel***

That’s what I am talking about,

***Not Yet*** was the phrase,

I always remember, when in doubt!

It taught me not to retaliate,

When things did not go my way,

***Not Yet*** I said to mysef,

When you laughed at my plight!

Then you played

Your silly mind games,

Thinking how smart you are,

But wait ! I said !

You laughed at me,

For being honest,

Your fake pride,

I wanted to bust.

So I thought,

I want to wait and watch,

To see you cringe,

Without a doubt!

Don’t underestimate anyone,

***Not yet***

Someday, you will lose it all,

That false and fake charm!

So while you were busy,

Trying to hurt people to feel good,

I was busy preparing for the day,

When I was ready for a show down!

My book got delayed by a couple of months, I took it in my stride, because I knew there was some major update happening in the Universe which was working in my favor!

**Not Yet** was my inspiration ! 

Nisha Mehta (Tarot Reader/Medium/Oracle) ❤️❤️


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