…What honesty?

…What honesty do you want from me?

That I stood silently,

Draining away your pain,

To make you love your life again!

What truth would you like to hear,

That I wanted to withdraw you from you shell?

That taking on your troubles,

I went through hell !

“I don’t know you” you say,

But I recognised a soul,

I felt your trauma,

Instantly, I wanted to take it away !

Does your heart not know this truth,

A prayer made, a life changed,

Unconditional without expectations,

I silently watched you.

You don’t know me, I say,

You’ve met people who only wanted wanted wanted,

It was too much for you to believe,

That I was ready to give away !!

Live your life,

Be happy what you do,

My wish will always remain,

To see you improve !

What can I say,

Taking your sorrow,

Sharing your pain,

My body felt miserable, time and gain! 

I am blessed, 

I say,

My good deeds take me,

A long long way !!

Always ! All ways !!
Nisha Mehta ( Tarof Reader / Medium / Author and sometimes an emotional fool too) 


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