…NOW !! 

…When I met you

I felt my energy drain,

I let it go knowing

You are in Pain!

But your pathetic vibes,

Your constant effort

Of trying to chat with me,

Just put me off!

You said to me, 

You are going to take the evil out of me,

Was that a reflection of yourself

You happened to see?

Then I realised

You were only an energy vAmPire,

Joining hands with some others,

To spoil my aura!

I was guided, by my higher power,

To stop all prayers and set my soul on fire!

So you absorbed the hell I put myself in,

It was a sacrifice, by the grace of Odin!

I got into unnecessary fights and abuses,

I knew you’d take the impact of the curses,

While I was protected and harm kept at bay,

\Hell Yeah/ !! 

So those who had intentions of cheating me,

Had to face your wrath

While you had to deal with cunning minds,

It was my way to exchange your filthy energy ! 😎

You called me to visit a grave,

Where you would spend time, you said!

Humans should be afraid to associate with you,

You’re so foolish and naive!

I’m still laughing at the game I played,

To make you miserable,

While I was taking a break,

You’re the one whose fake!

All these years

I only felt your ugly vibes,

You thought you camouflaged your reality,

By sending me those fake smiles? 

I am not the one who is at a loss here,

You will see the impact of your karma,

My Higher Power

Is already giving you a dose you deserve! 

You’ll cry at your fate,

When you called me Fake!

The wheel of fortune will crush your hate

Even morpheme will not be taking your pain away ! 

I am still waiting for you to take the evil off me, 

Because a person who has those kind of powers,

Will not resort to cheap tactics like these!

And yes, believe me, you need to be happy! 

Just as  I waited,

And kept saying to myself, *NOT YET*

Happiness will not be yours,

‘Till a balance will be repaid!! 

Amen !! 
Nisha Mehta (Fake Tarot Reader / Fake Medium / Author who copies) – as per the review given by a very genuine person!! 💁🏻

Currently, am not eating any meals, sleeping without air conditioning, deliberately making sacrifices to increase my level of tolerance, guess who is giving me the power to deal with it? 

You!! You are draining every bit out of me thinking you are absorbing my power! 

Guess who is the one laughing ? Not YOUssssssssssS!!!



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